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Can I access my borrowing history?

Yes. You can choose to save your reading history by logging into your account and changing your account preferences. A new reading history does not include items checked out in the past or items currently checked out. It begins with the next item checked out after your preferences have been changed. The reading history is updated during an overnight process. Please be aware that if you enable your reading history your data may be accessed by law enforcement personnel without your consent

How can I be notified that my materials are due or that my materials are ready for pick up?

Customers are able to select their preferred method  of notification: email, phone or standard mail.

Depending on which option customers select, PGCMLS will attempt the following courtesy notifications:

Almost due (2-3 days before due date) = email only

Hold pick-up = email or phone

1st Overdue (14 days past due) = email, phone or standard mail

2nd Overdue (30 days past due) = email, phone or standard mail

Collection Warning (account balance $25 or more) = standard mail only

If selecting email contact, please be sure to set your email account to accept mail from and in order to receive our notifications. You may also, if you wish, opt to receive additional text notifications.

NOTE: All notifications are courtesy contacts and their receipt is not guaranteed.  Customers are strongly encouraged to retain their checkout and renewal receipts to confirm dates due.

I have tried but I am not able to access my account online. What am I doing wrong?

The information you key in must exactly match the information in our computer record.

  • Type in your complete library card number with no spaces (number is on your card under the barcode).
  • Type in your password. (Initially your password will be set to the last four digits of the primary telephone number listed on the account when you applied for your card. )

Once you have logged in you may, if you wish, change your password to one of your choosing.  Please note; updating your phone number in our system will not update your password.

If you have forgotten your password or do not remember your original  phone number, please contact your local branch library and they can reset your password to the last four digits of the primary phone number currently on file.  They can also verify that the library has your current phone number and that you aren’t using an expired or renumbered card.

What is my Library PIN/Password?

In most cases, your PIN is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file for you. If you have a PGCMLS virtual card (beginning with PACREG) or Library access with your PGCPS ID, your PIN is automatically set to the last four digits of your card number. If you’re having trouble, contact us with your library card number and we can reset it for you.